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The Importance Daily Meditation & Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

If there’s one thing I must do every day, it’s clear my mind and meditate.

I stick to this prescription because I know that daily meditation elevates my entire life. After meditation, I move through my day with more energy, ease, and clarity, better handling challenges tossed my way. It doesn't matter if I've completed a silent meditation, a moving meditation, a journaling activity, a walk in nature, or a tea blessing & chant - incorporating some form of meditation into my daily routine infuses a perpetual state of mindfulness into my entire day.

I often remind my busiest of clients that they are not detracting from their companies, families, or other responsibilities by taking the time to retreat to a sacred space and re-align with the Universe/God/their Intuition. They are actually doing themselves, their company, and their family a great service by taking the time to re-fuel their spirits with more Divine energy.

Some people choose to denote their entire home as sacred - as a space where they refuse to allow negative thoughts, disputes, disturbances, or anything else that may unsettle their peace. Of course, I realize that having an entire home serving as a a temple is not realistic for everyone, but it is realistic to have a room, a corner, or even just a nook within a corner solely devoted to soul-alignment.

Below are some pictures of a few meditation spots in my new house, including the healing room where I meet with clients for one-on-one, guided meditations. The final picture is a sacred Buddhist temple in the mountains that I travel to at least once a year.

Some of the special things in my meditation room are: Buddha + Kuan Yin statues, my vision board and journal, plants & flowers as offerings, sage, palo santo, a sacred Amazonian vine, rose water, a variety of gems and crystals from powerful places on the planet, the Desiderita poem, a Moldavite necklace I gifted to myself, the Metta prayer, sacred images from various places I’ve visited & from pilgrimages I’ve taken, images of specific Goddesses I’m working with, several gifts from clients, pictures of my soul family & spiritual teachers, one of my favorite pieces of original art "Through the Veil" by Daniel Mirante, musical instruments, essential oils & other magical scents, herb concoctions (that I like to keep charged,) soy candles, and other special items that resonate with me on a soul level.

One day, the universe gifted me this special leaf, outside of my car…so I brought it home and framed it next to a statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

Remember: you don’t need to sit in meditation for hours to feel its effectiveness. A simple 20 minute practice daily can work wonders. Even a 5 minute practice is a great start! Just get started and I promise, you will see changes in your life.

That’s all for now! Have fun, and I send blessings your way!


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