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“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

W.B. Yeats

When we silence our thoughts & emotions, and open-up to the subtle realms around us and within us, we realize that all of life is a spiritual mystery. That mystery is woven throughout the much denser world of the five senses, but it is always here and available for our witnessing. We only need to sharpen our "sight" to see.

 As a great teacher brought to the foreground of my consciousness years ago: it’s been a long time since many of us have really experienced the world. Instead, we experience a constriction of it, a selection of it, a lack of breadth and depth. We step out cautiously checking ourselves against ‘what is allowed’ and ‘what is known.' Then we throw that perception of the world out ahead of ourselves and move safely into it. We have found our way into a closed world and mistaken it for infinity.

So what happens when we're fully present and seeing reality without our conditioning, influences, beliefs, desires, cultural & familiar programing, trauma, cynicism, survival-based fears, self-loathing, expectations, delusions of grandeur,
 toxic positivity, and all the other colorful narratives we construct along our journey? What happens when we look at the world through zero filters, without any of our identities? What happens is: we see.

This takes great courage, w
hich is why we oftentimes avoid looking too closely, or we allow our protective filters to create a buffer between us and reality.
Nietzsche thought of this as a natural, preservative instinct in the psyche that he called "the will to superficiality" - an embracing of the trivial and an avoidance of anything troubling, profound, or anomalous. By focusing on the trivial, humans become more "flighty, lightsome, and false" - unwilling to dive beneath the surface-level appearances. Nietzsche believed that this protected against the chance that one might "get a hold of the truth too soon, before they have become strong enough, tough enough, artist enough to handle it." He further wrote: "It might be a basic characteristic of existence that those who know [the truth] completely would perish, in which case the strength of a spirit should be measured according to how much of the truth one could still barely endure – or to put it more clearly, to what degree one would require it to be thinned down, shrouded, sweetened, blunted, falsified."

So how do we humbly begin the journey of seeing clearly - of encountering Truth? Well, to start, clinging to any pre-constructed organizations of Truth is not the way. As Krishnamurti famously asserted, "Truth is a pathless land." I've included an excerpt from one of his talks below, as his ideas have always appealed to me.
You may remember the story of how the devil and a friend of his were walking down the street, when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the devil, 'What did that man pick up?' He picked up a piece of Truth,' said the devil. 'That is a very bad business for you, then,' said his friend. 'Oh, not at all,' the devil replied, 'I am going to let him organize it.'

I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others. This is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices.

You must climb towards the Truth, it cannot be 'stepped down' or organized for you. Interest in ideas is mainly sustained by organizations, but organizations only sustain interest from without. Interest, which is not born out of love of Truth for its own sake, but aroused by an organization, is of no value. The organization becomes a framework into which its members conveniently fit. They no longer strive after Truth or the mountain-top but rather carve for themselves a convenient niche in which they put themselves, or let the organization place them, and consider that the organization will thereby lead them to Truth.   

-Krishnamurti, August 3, 1929

The adventure of encountering Truth will likely involve an examination of all the identities and constructs that you are currently clinging to, either consciously or unconsciously. I created an interpretation of the various spheres of identity that we carry inside us; think of each sphere as a veil that must be lifted in order for reality (internally and externally) to be perceived more clearly.

At each level, within each sphere, we identify with a certain aspect of ourself; and while there is nothing inherently wrong with these identifications (nor are they
something we must entirely shed) we do run the risk of forming unhealthy attachments to these aspects of ourselves, and it is those attachments that require relinquishing along the path to clarity. 

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1) Ego. A healthy ego is necessary to safely exist within the world, as well as to recognize our unique sense of purpose and personal meaning. However, too much ego-identification may cause us to become self-centered and lack compassion for others. At worst, an un-healthy ego is narcissism and psychopathology. 

2) Family. It is important to examine the ideals, beliefs, and relationship models we are born into and witnessed during our early development. Unexamined attachment to (or influence by) these conditionings may cause us hold ourselves back due to ignorance, ‘blood loyalty', or because we never fully healed & moved on from family-originating traumas, patterns, beliefs, and biases. 
3) Tribe. Tribes can be religious groups, work groups, political parties, like-minded peers, or any other gathering of individuals who bond together under a commonality. A tribe doesn't need to be people you know personally; it can be "biologists" or "people who meditate" or "women" or "CEOs" or even entire countries. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with tribes (you could even say, we need a sense of tribe to survive), if we become too dogmatic or 'high & mighty' about our particular tribe and its ideologies/priorities/beliefs, we fail to honor the simple truth that: we are all in this together, regardless of tribe, and we risk becoming delusional about the superiority of our particular group. 
4) Human. Imagining the Universe through a non-human perspective is difficult to fathom because everything we've ever explored, defined, believed, or speculated has been through the filter of the human mind. But we must acknowledge that humans are merely a small part of a greater cosmic arena. A truly honest understanding of the human's placement within the cosmos requires a complete de-humanization of the Truth. If we fail to honor this, then our reality, our god(s), and our perceptions of Truth will always be diluted, altered, and anthropomorphic. So how can we better identify with the perceptions of non-human forms
 in the known world? We can do our best through awareness and conscious contemplation. There are simple meditations with rocks, trees, stars, air, deity energies, and "witness consciousness" that can act as starting points. 

5) Non-identity. Non-form. Non-thought. Emptiness. This is the final sphere, and the most difficult one to discuss. As with most spiritual concepts, it's much more powerful to experience them versus explain them. In this sphere, there are no forms, even thought-forms. There is only void. Śūnyatā. The abyss-like emptiness prior to (and post) all of existence. In the diagram, I also call this level "Pure Consciousness" but that's only accurate if that consciousness contains nothing but nothing within it - no form of witness at all. This is the reason why the final sphere is the most peaceful state attainable, because no concept of "I" exists, as there is no mind left with which you could even imagine an "I" into existence. This is not-being. Yes, it is possible to approach and touch this state; there are meditations that give the opportunity for dedicated practitioners to experience this ineffable state. As well, for some people, it sometimes happens spontaneously!

Here's another, different way to think about the idea of 'seeing clearly.' Let's assume the goal is to access Ultimate Reality (reality without any filters or restrictions.) Ultimate Reality is truly a sight to behold! In fact, it's actually too much to behold at any given moment, especially because we are mortal beings and must be sure to take in and rightly process all the more mundane, survival-based information available to us, to make it safely through each day. However, the goal of any truth-seeker is to widen the funnel of perception as much as possible so that not only are the basic survival messages relating to our environment & immediate needs trickling through, but also the myriad other miracles of Ultimate Reality that are available to our perception.

I attempted to illustrate this in a quirky diagram below.

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For a much more sophisticated dive into this idea, read Stephen Mitchell's translation of the ancient Hindu text, Bhagavad Gita, and enjoy my favorite chapter: eleven. In this chapter the epic, poetic text, Arjuna is reluctantly going to war - heading to the battlefield in a chariot being driven by Krishna (the Supreme Hindu God). Up until this chapter, Krishna has only appeared to Arjuna as a humble charioteer; he has not yet shown his truest form. However, Arjuna longs to view Krishna's fullest, truest form, and says -

"You have told me in detail
the origin and dissolution
of all things, and have described
your own vast, imperishable Being.

I do not doubt that you are
what you say you are, Lord. And yet
I want to see for myself
the splendor of your ultimate form.

If you think I am strong enough,
worthy enough, to endure it,
grant me now, Lord, a vision
of your vast, imperishable Self."

What follows is an unspeakably beautiful passage of text in which Krishna reveals himself as all that is - a sight so impossibly glorious, terrifying, and expansive to behold that Arjuna nearly perishes in attempting to behold it! Much to Arjuna's relief, this vision of Ultimate Reality only lasts for a handful of pages before Krishna returns to his "mild and pleasant" form, as Arjuna's charioteer. 

If this all feels abstract or doesn't apply to what you're going through, scroll past the pictures to learn more about the practical ways I can guide you to a more soulful, peaceful life. But first: here is one of my favorite spiritual poems by Max Ehrmann.

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I help guide my clients through:

Transformations and Awakenings
Sacred Partnerships; Relationship as a Spiritual Practice
Crises of Faith; Processing New Beliefs or Mystical Experiences
Leaving/Healing from a Religious Group or Cult
Intuition Development
Dark Nights of the Soul
Meditative Practices 
Sacred Ceremonies (Sound Healings, Hapé, Initiations)
Raising & Maintaining your Life Force Energy
Aligning all aspects of your Life with your Spiritual Purpose(s)
Managing New Awareness, Activations, Empowerments
Relationship Difficulties due to Differing Beliefs
Energetic Clearing, Grounding, and Protection
Shamanic Healings (Energy Clearing, etc.)
Perception Expansion; Seeing Within other People
Exploring New Spiritual Realms/Realities/Possibilities
Plant-Medicine Preparation & Integration

I work with clients from an array of spiritual and non-spiritual backgrounds. Your beliefs will always be respected, and you won’t be expected to change them at any point during our relationship. Having said that, if you've chosen me as your guide, you are likely looking to explore new perspectives in order to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world.

I consider myself a "free agent" and don't hold attachments to any religious, spiritual, or philosophical vantage points (though I explore a good many of them.) I'm comfortable working with Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, Taoists, Plant Medicine Enthusiasts, Humanists, Jewish folks, Existentialists, Muslims, Sufis, Mormons, Non-Dualists, Agnostics, Pagans, Druids, Priestesses, or however else you identify. The same acceptance applies to gender identities, sexual orientations, and races. 

Living with Your Soul as Your Guide
- Following Your Intuition -

If you are very still and listen beyond the noise of your mind and the fluctuations of your emotions, you will discern a subtle, compassionate, undeniable knowing that does not impose itself upon you with any force, for it is entirely without violence. This is the voice of your truth. This is your intuition, your soul speaking to you. 

Oftentimes, the mind and emotions are so persistent & loud that you may be misled into listening to them simply because they make the most racket! But in moments of great decision, the soul understands what neither the mind nor emotions can conceive, which is why it's so important to learn to learn to hear - and listen to - the guidance of your soul.
Think of your soul as "the voice of God in you" - the part of you that is able to remain outside of all your influences. The soul maintains a perspective beyond linear time and knows what will bring you the deepest sense of peace, satisfaction, and meaning. Your soul, unlike many other internal and external influences, will never lead you astray.
If you are uncomfortable with the word "soul", think of your soul/intuition as a "gut feeling" that's there to help you thrive along your journey. Or, think of your intuitive guidance as the secret instructions hidden in your DNA by the original programmers themselves: the evolutionary coding installed by the alien-architects who set this whole, wild ride into motion! Those big, bad-daddy orchestraters of this elaborate "cosmic play" want you to evolve. Their goal is for you to uncover & listen to those instructions so that you can become as conscious and powerful as possible. Or, if you prefer to think of this life as a gigantic simulation, think of yourself as an avatar - and the messages you detect "intuitively" are messages being sent from the original, non-simulated version of yourself in the original, non-simulated world. Who knows...maybe if you listen closely enough and follow the guidance you hear, you'll finally break free from the simulation. However you spin it, the voice of your soul is the most benevolent, wise, and powerful guide you will ever have.

Remember: it is the soul’s desire to bring you back to Truth. Back to God. Back home to your Self. This is why following your intuition is an extraordinary act of self-love.

People often come to me seeking guidance on how to re-connect with their deep, intuitive knowing. This is one of the most common requests I receive from clients, and I enjoy helping people strengthen (and listen to) this most valuable part of their inner world.

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Dark Nights of the Soul

Higher guidance does not only present itself to us through peaceful messages & angelic visions. It may also come through stress, heartache, depression, illness, or any other route to get our attention. Sometimes this happens if we haven't been paying attention to our soul's more subtle nudges; other times the hardships are entirely out of our control, and nothing we could have done differently would have changed the dark night we are destined to travel through.
Having a spiritual dark night lets you know it's time to break free from the beliefs & perceptions that are no longer serving your highest development. During a spiritual dark night (which could actually be many, many nights) you come to know the deep contents of your mind, heart, and soul while confronting your fears, integrating your shadow, and challenging false 'gods' who often do not give up their hold without a fight. This requires faith and stamina, but the perseverance is worth it because you are clearing space to allow more divinity to move through you. Real expansion begins once you clear and re-align yourself internally, releasing any tendencies toward fantasy, attachment, domination, greed, ego-driven desires, and false perceptions of self & world. Once those tendencies are released, divine energy can flow freely through you, and not only will you be able to perceive more clearly, you'll also be able to help others overcome the darkness in themselves.
For many people, a dark night of the soul is an initiation along their spiritual journey. In fact, if you are a mystic, shaman, or healer, the chances of having a dark night of the soul are rather high. The mystical journey involves an enormous capacity to bear the truth, as you must be detached from the illusions of the physical world in order to see symbolically. Part of the tempering along that path often involves difficult, life-changing dark nights. As Caroline Myss explains: lessons on the path of the mystic are lessons in physical, emotional, and spiritual loss and disempowerment followed by rebirth to a new relationship to power. Through anguish and ecstasy, mystics gain access to Spirit that is so profound, they become capable of breathing divine energy into ordinary words and acts, and they become able to heal others through acts of genuine love and faith. Myss believes that before this can occur, crossing over to the underworld is necessary so that you can understand, from an experiential vantage point, the madness, darkness, sickness, disillusionment, and pain of humankind; for it is only from truly understanding an illness that the antidote is revealed.

St. John of the Cross was the first to refer to a spiritual crisis as a ‘dark night of the soul.’ He knew that because so few people can endure direct contact with heaven, God intended to strengthen them before offering them the ultimate gift of experiencing Heaven on Earth.
If you are experiencing a difficult depression or spiritual confusion that feels like a dark night of the soul, I'm here to help guide you across those trenches, through the dark, and toward the awaiting dawn. Until then, remember: this too shall pass. You will come out the other side, feeling more alive than ever before, with newfound wisdom, capacity, strength, clarity, and peace. The dark night is transient, as all of existence is.

“Tenderly, I now touch all things, knowing one day we will part.”

St. John of the Cross

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