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Jaclyn Costello Stories and Poems
Jaclyn Costello Poetry and Stories
Author Jaclyn Costello
Jaclyn Costello Author
Jaclyn Costello Writer Las Vegas

Welcome! This page contains a sampling of some of my published writing; most of it is from quite a few years ago. I have posted the writings directly onto this site (or linked to free publications online), so you don't need to purchase anything. I've also included a glimpse of my more recent writing: the opening pages of my completed novel.

Featured Poems & Stories

Sci Fi Author Jaclyn Costello
Jaclyn Costello Publications

opening pages to a finished novel

this is the most recent sample
of my writing on this site

narrative prose-poems

published in "Crab Fat Magazine"

Safira, before the beginning led to my nomination for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry

Author Jaclyn Costello

a prose-poem

published in "Pioneertown"

Poet Jaclyn Costello Las Vegas

a prose-poem

published in "Musings"


a short, short story

published in "Literal Latte" & winner of Literal Latte's short story award

Author Jaclyn Costello
Jaclyn Costello Publications

excerpt from a novella

published by "Rivet"

non-fiction article

published by "Tiny Buddha"

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