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I am a writer, professor, & spiritual guide living near Red Rock Canyon,

at the edge of Las Vegas. I have studied at New York University, in Aix-en-Provence France, and at the University of Las Vegas Nevada where I received my MFA. Upon graduation, I accepted a position to teach in the UNLV Honors College. My background in spiritual guidance evolved over years of shamanic work, endless inner exploration, & one-on-one mentorships with intuitive therapists, accomplished spiritual teachers, & indigenous energy healers who shared their ancient, healing modalities.


When all is said and done, I can’t take credit for anything. I continue to fall to my knees in awe & reverence of the Divine Mother and the many ways she activates each human's natural healing abilities. May I lead you to the healer within yourself and help connect you back to the Source. 


Spiritual Guidance

"If you want to be taken on a journey of re-generation, transformation—full transformation—come see her. She knows how to get deep inside your emotions, find out what you’re clinging to, what you’re still dependent on—she’ll get to the heart of that and torch it.
Gone. Like that."

"You are the very example of benevolent use of power."

Christy L.
Las Vegas



"Jaclyn works with the direct mediation of what most of us only understand as an alternative world. That’s what she’s here for. She’s here to remind us that this is really not all there is to it—that it’s all possible, and she’s a living, breathing example of it."

Andrew D.

 Las Vegas

"I want to thank you for your contribution to my life and tell you how much I trust the role you play for me. You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met, and words don’t express how grateful I am for the way you’ve shifted my consciousness at such a deep and subtle level. I know in my heart you were placed on earth to touch and uplift the spirits of people like me." 

M. B.


"You are an amazing, gentle, powerful woman. Thank you for helping me re-claim my life and conquer an addiction that's been with me for decades. The loving guidance and care you shared during our ceremony was something I've never experienced. I feel a new appreciation for my life - and all of life - after journeying with you. Thank you will never be enough."

Las Vegas

"Jaclyn has an amazingly intuitive understanding of the laws of nature, but in addition to that, her grasp of the English language is profound. This is so important because she knows how to translate seemingly ‘beyond words' truths."

Sarah K.


"I contacted Jaclyn when my marriage was breaking apart. At that time, my wife and I had recently been to a clinical psychologist for marriage counseling, but we were unable to break the logjams of communication which existed in our marriage. I was desperately searching for something that might help to save our relationship. Jaclyn shocked us both by calling within hours of receiving my email on a Saturday morning. I could hear the caring in her voice immediately, for two people she had not even met. She spent an hour on the phone, first with me and then us both on speaker, and her soft listening style was punctuated with direct, simple questions. That phone call changed our downward-spiral trajectory, and starting us talking again after our long silence. By the time we met with her a few days later, we had already made significant progress. Over the course of our sessions together, she then helped us make much more. In everything she said, and in everything she did, she left an indelible imprint of positivity upon me, and in the most memorable way, reinforced its awesome power. In the world of personal counseling, where everybody seems so impersonal, Jaclyn stands out before she even says a word."

Michael R.
Las Vegas

"Beautiful Jaclyn... we've been wanting to write you for months, but we keep uncovering more revelations about the epic journey you guided us through so we keep adding more things to thank you for to the list. To start, C. and I cannot stop talking about how sincere and healing your presence was during the course of the ceremony. We've participated in dozens of medicine ceremonies before and have not received the gentle care and powerful healing that you shared with us in one evening. The level of integrity you hold yourself to is admirable and shows in the way you tended to us during our most vulnerable hours. That alone was transformative because it helped renew our faith in the goodness of hidden gem-people like you who are the real gosh-darn deal. Second, our friendship with each other has evolved dramatically (in the best of ways) since that night, and we sometimes joke that we are "war buddies" because we feel we share a special, unbreakable bond after having gone through so many dimensions and corridors of our psyches together. C. still laughs about the end of the evening and how that memory is a constant reminder of the magic and joy to be found in the most unexpected places. His work-life feels lighter, he's a better partner and friend, and his funky depression has lifted. As for myself, I want to thank you for showing me a love I never knew I could feel...and one that I had inside me all along. I wake up and meditate with that feeling every morning. That feeling has become my greatest teacher and my guide. Other things we want to thank you for: the telepathy, the MUSIC, your angel-dog Sammie, your beautiful space, your beautiful lullabies, the flying eagle bone, and your smile. We are forever grateful to have found you." ​


E. and C.

New York

"Hello, my dear Jaclyn! I wanted to send you a message to let you know how deeply grateful I am for the breathtakingly beautiful and intuitive ceremony I got to experience with you and your amazing assistant. Words can not express the impact it has had on my life. I've spent a lot of time ever since in deep reflection about the beauty and art of what you do. You are like a paleontologist of the soul, unearthing what is deep and ancient. Yes, for the person seeking to be healed, you are also like a midwife guiding this part of them that feels so new to them...Your assistant was like a doula, providing nourishing support and encouragement as she pleaded with us to see who we really are and have always been. I was in awe of how her tenderly sweet, yet powerful essence radiated pure love that melted away any doubt of the truth she spoke to us. You compliment each other so incredibly..."

Jessica F.
Las Vegas


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My private residence is a mini-sanctuary hosting sacred healing ceremonies, tea & hapé meditations, and consciously-minded workshops for a community of individuals dedicated to promoting a harmonious life experience, exploring expanded states of consciousness, and creating a path of sincere devotion to the Unexplainable Mystery. 



To arrange for a private session, group ceremony, or for inquiries regarding Jaclyn's writing:

Tel. 702-619-6219 | jaclyn.costello@gmail.com

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