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What Does it Mean to Become a Queen? (dedicated to Jade)

A Queen Wears the Weight of her Crown.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes she wants to remove the responsibility. Sometimes she wonders if she’d give it all up for a restful life with less burden to bear. But in her finer moments she knows she wouldn’t trade her life for anything - and she proudly embraces her missions, goals, and dreams. She feels honored to guide her Kingdom.

A Queen Chooses Aligned Relationships.

She shares her time with other men & women who embody the same integrity, strength, loving kindness, and lightness of spirit as She. A Queen does not have time for individuals engaging in gossip, frivolous arguments, a victim-mindset, or heavy negativity. If she chooses to have a partner, that partner is courageous, compassionate, protective, and aware. A Queen aligns with a King (or another Queen!)

A Queen Takes Care of Herself.

How can she rule her Kingdom if she is falling to pieces inside? A Queen remains in control of her inner world, nurtures her Mind, Spirit, and Body, and listens to her intuitive callings. A Queen takes time to do the things that bring her joy and peace. A Queen does not find this selfish; she realizes it is necessary before she can properly lead.

A Queen Realizes her Weaknesses & Works to Better Herself.

A Queen is not perfect and does not pretend. She knows when to call in perspective from an adviser, a friend, her confidant, or her King. She is humble, vulnerable, and open to the insights of her trusted inner circle. She is always working to become the best possible version of herself. She does not stagnate. She evolves, constantly.

A Queen is Not Afraid to Speak her Truth

She does not hide behind girlish modesty. She does not seek approval or look to please. When she knows something is true and must be shared, she speaks it with certainty. She stands up for herself, her loved ones, her Kingdom. She speaks gracefully.

A Queen Chooses her Battles.

A Queen knows when to conserve energy and when to fight for a cause. She does not engage in battles that are beneath her, battles that will exhaust resources beyond her ability to replenish them, or battles that her soul knows she should not fight. She checks in with her inner guidance before she commits herself to a challenge; she trusts that guidance and wisdom.

A Queen is Beautiful because She is Herself.

A Queen embraces her body, her laughter, her moments of sadness, her dreams, her unanswered questions, her Self as she is - all of it, every part of her being. She does not judge a crooked tooth or unsteady step. She knows that all of creation is a process - as she is a continual process of unfolding beauty, never arriving at a final horizon, never settling in complacency. A Queen is always on the rise, as herself, forever discovering more of herself while shedding the parts of herself she no longer needs. A Queen is not afraid to abandon herself and swim in a blissful ocean of non-identity because she knows the essential components of her soul will always re-surface again.


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