Templo da Mae

Ceremonies & Sacred Meditations have been a part of the human experience for thousands and thousands of years. They are no less powerful today than they were when performed by our ancient ancestors, underneath the stars. These rites of passage and holy rituals satisfy our longing for spiritual communion, personal & collective healing, empowerment, deeply-felt harmony, and a reverent, intimate understanding of the primordial universe.


To participate in such an experience is to dedicate oneself to the inner work of continual awakening. During a guided ceremony you may release problematic emotions and anxieties, face your fears & negative patterns, re-create your identity, gain spiritual clarity, re-align with your soul’s purpose, and feel blissfully embraced by the spirit world – a realm filled with wise, protective guides, ancestors, & angelic presences.


Sacred ceremonies also allow us to acknowledge and catalyze a transition in our lives. Whether we participate as part of a group or alone, the experience serves the same purpose: to elevate our physical and emotional consciousness. Our spirits become rejuvenated after these experiences. Many people report feeling lighter & more inspired, or they describe a newfound clarity followed by a desire to immediately act upon the insights received. Other common experiences include: Non-Mind, Gratitude, Connectedness, Transcendence of Space & Time, Spiritual Re-birth, & Feelings of Pure Love. It is also not uncommon for difficult or uncomfortable thoughts and emotions to surface so that they may be examined, healed, released or integrated.


My private residence is a mini-sanctuary hosting sacred ceremonies, tea & hapé meditations, and consciously-minded workshops for a community of individuals dedicated to promoting a harmonious life experience, exploring expanded states of consciousness, and creating a path of sincere devotion to the Unexplainable Mystery. ​ I am also available for one-on-one meditations, nature-based soul explorations, and private ceremonies. Or, you & a partner or small group may wish to hold a guided meditation or ceremony together.

Find out more about my offerings & see pictures on my sister site here!


To arrange for a private session, group ceremony, or for inquiries regarding Jaclyn's writing:

Tel. 702-619-6219 | jaclyn.costello@gmail.com

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