An Introduction


Hi class! I'm Professor Jaclyn Costello, here to guide you through a productive & inspiring Creative Writing Seminar.

First line of business: the syllabus (found in Web Campus.) Since this is an online course, it's extremely important that you read through the entire syllabus the first day of school; there is all sorts of relevant information written in those pages. 

Next, if you'd like to know a bit about me so I don't just seem like a dis-embodied internet entity, you can learn more about me at or You can find samples of my writing here


The activities for this class will no longer be taking place on this site, but rather in Web Campus - so unless you are further notified, sign in to Web Campus and read the syllabus there!

Samples of Student Work

In case you're looking for examples of creative writing projects & presentations from previous semesters, I will load more of them shortly. For now, here is one, absolutely beautiful sample of a poetry collection by Nadine Veitnere, as well as her creative presentation.