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CreatE & Meditate

Creative Writing Retreat.jpg
Creative Writing Retreat Las Vegas

Led by fiction writer Oksana Marafioti

Author of American Gypsy
and professor at UNLV


Jaclyn Costello on Isle of Skye.jpg

Jaclyn Costello

Poet, Fiction Writer, Meditation Guide
and professor at UNLV

Release what's holding you back &

Refine your fiction or poetry during this half-day, meditative

Creative Writing Retreat


The Retreat Format Includes:

*opening intention-setting ceremony led by Jaclyn

*talk on creativity by Jaclyn

*craft talk + writing activity by Oksana
*healthy snacks + connecting with other participants

*individual meetings with Jaclyn or Oksana to discuss your personal writing 
Prior to the retreat, you will have the opportunity to send up to 10 pages of your poetry or prose, which Jaclyn or Oksana will read before meeting with you face-to-face during the retreat; during the time you are not in a private session, you may pair up with other participants to discuss your writing, or you may choose to write/reflect on your own.

*writing activity led by Oksana
*closing 'Letting Go' ceremony led by Jaclyn

DATE from 2 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Residential Location near Lone Mountain
$160 for the day

Registration will be capped at 12 participants to ensure each individual receives focused attention 

Continue reading below for more information!

Spiritual Life Coach



When we take a step back from our everyday lives, we gain perspective, clarity, and focus. Our spirits become rejuvenated after slowing down, spending time in sincere reflection, and focusing on meaningful projects.


Whether the retreat is 20 minutes from home or halfway around the world - whether it’s a guided meditation, artistic workshop, or motivational seminar, you deserve the gift of retreating to a place of privacy & refuge to nurture your passions & re-charge your spirit.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is both joyful & motivating, as is learning from seasoned guides who have devoted themselves to the growth & expansion of others.

What to Expect

*Gain clarity, focus, and tangible skills relating to your creative work


*Liberation from what's holding you back from creating most freely (limiting beliefs, misconceptions, self-consciousness, etc.)

*Sincere, thoughtful guidance from the facilitators

*Connection with a community of writers (all ages & experience levels welcome)

*Mindfulness - Relaxation

*An intimate, structured gathering in a peaceful, residential setting

*Feel inspired moving forward in your life

Your Facilitators

Creative Writing Retreat.jpg

About OksanA MArafioti


Oksana moved from the Soviet Union when she was fifteen years old. Oksana has the honor of being a past Black Mountain Institute-Kluge Center Fellow in partnership with the Library of Congress. Currently, she is a professor in the English Department at University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she teaches literature & writing courses and is at work on her second book. Her first novel, American Gypsy: A Memoir can be found here.

About Jaclyn Costello


Jaclyn is a writer, spiritual counselor, & UNLV Honors College professor; recent courses taught include Poetry, World & Spiritual Thought and Creative Writing Seminar. Jaclyn's background in spiritual guidance evolved over years of shamanic work with indigenous healers & one-on-one mentorships with intuitive therapists. You can read a selection of her publications on her personal site, or learn about her business Grow With Soul here.

Jaclyn Costello on Isle of Skye

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions:

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