Writers are sometimes asked where they gather the materials used to create a story. The fragments I assemble into narratives & poems are pieces of my many pasts, richly lived and poetically remembered. I am deeply inspired by nature, love, the architects in the sky, all forms of exile, and the beautiful, difficult, miraculous experience of being a human being. I’ve explored quite a few places on the globe but nothing compared to the places discovered while exploring the internal infinity of my mind! 

My poetry, stories, & non-fiction have been published in a variety of literary journals and anthologies. I was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry a couple years ago, and my short story Mandorla won Literal Latte's Short Fiction Award. I am currently seeking publication for my first novel. You can read samples of recent publications by clicking below.

Poet Jaclyn Costello Las Vegas
Jaclyn Costello Publication

Top left: Jaclyn in Scotland, Kuan Yin statue at mountain sanctuary, Through the Veil by Daniel Mirante. Second row: art by Pablo Amaringo, mountain scene, art by unknown French artist. Third row:  Jaclyn at the water, Fred the Alpaca, Jaclyn with mountain in distance, Buddhist tapestry, Obi Wan Samantha


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